DTWAIN Twain Interface Library (DLL Version)

The DTWAIN Interface Library (DTWAIN)-- A 32-bit DLL that allows your C, C++, Delphi, Visual Basic, etc. to incorporate TWAIN image capture.



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Description of DTWAIN Twain Interface Library (DLL Version):

The DTWAIN InterfaceLibrary (DTWAIN) is a 32-bit DLL that allows your C, C++ Delphi, Visual Basic,Visual FoxPro, etc. application to incorporate TWAIN image capture. Here aresome of the features of DTWAIN:
32-bit DLL for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. ; DTWAIN works with any language that can call external DLL functions. This includes Visual Basic, Delphi, FoxPro, etc. ; Example programs for the following languages: C, C++ (straight C++, MFC), and Visual Basic. ; DTWAIN C++ classes included for even faster, robust development. ; Acquire Images from any TWAIN compliant scanner or digital camera. ; As few as 5 function calls to acquire multiple pages. ; DTWAIN eliminates the need to code TWAIN message loops or error-prone TWAIN state transition logic. ; Acquire single or multiple pages as Device Independent Bitmaps (DIBs) or compressed images using buffered memory transfers. ; Support for scanners equipped with an automatic document feeder. ; Support for duplex scanners. ; Acquire using Native, Buffered (compressed and uncompressed images), or File Mode. ; Save acquired images to a number of image file formats (BMP, TIFF (Single and Multipage), JPEG, TGA, PCX, DCX, PNG, Adobe PSD, WMF/EMF, and PDF*), even if the Source doesn't support file acquisitions. ; Acquire images to the Windows Clipboard. ; Acquire with or without the device user interface (fully TWAIN compliant devices only). ; Specify area of image to acquire. ; Optionally keep TWAIN Source open between acquisitions, allowing for faster image retrieval. ; Set contrast, brightness, and many other capabilities. ; Set orientation and paper sizes (fully TWAIN compliant devices only). ; Get all supported capabilities for a particular TWAIN Source in a single function call. ; Set or get any capability that a TWAIN device supports, including custom device capabilities defined by the manufacturer. All of this is done without the headaches of coding hard to use TWAIN containers! ; Select a Data Source using the TWAIN Select Source Dialog, Source Name or Default Source. ; DTWAIN gives your app the option of handling the TWAIN message interception or letting DTWAIN handle the message interception. ; DTWAIN has a super-simple implementation of the TWAIN message loop interception (if you want your application to handle the message interception). ; DTWAIN allows your application to shut TWAIN down gracefully and easily. ; Check for external events (only for TWAIN Specification 1.8 and above). ; Imprinter/Endorser functions. ; Extensive error handling. Locale (language) specific error messages. ; A logging feature that logs all TWAIN calls to the Source Manager. If your program crashes, the log will let you know what the last operation that was executed. The log can be written to a file or to a debug monitor window (such as DBWIN for Win 3.x or the debug window for Win 32). ; DTWAIN allows you to call the TWAIN Source Manager directly. This mode is useful for the advanced TWAIN programmer who wants to 'inject' your own custom TWAIN Source Manager calls within the application (C or C++ is the recommended language to use this feature). ; Optional INI settings for handling Sources that are not TWAIN compliant. Useful for Sources that generate potential fatal errors when negotiating capabilities in the 'normal' manner. ; Includes full on-line help with example programs. ; Royalty-free distribution (you won't get charged per application that uses DTWAIN!) ; 32-bit static libraries available when you order the Combo Version of DTWAIN (Visual C++ 5.0, 6.0, Borland C++ 5.0x, other compilers on request) ; And many more features and functions.

If you are attempting to implement TWAIN image retrievalin your application, here are a few of the benefits:

Reduce time drastically in implementing TWAIN. Usually it may take a few weeks to months to get a robust TWAIN implementation working inan application when using the TWAIN specification. This time can be reduced from afew months to less than a day's work (don't be surprised if it's just a few minuteswork!).

Enhances your current imaging library. Many imaging libraries thatimplement TWAIN are excellent at what they are designed for -- displaying images. However, TWAIN image support in these libraries can be anything from very poor to aminimal implementation of TWAIN. With DTWAIN you can take full advantage ofpractically anything that TWAIN has to offer. If you are currently using an imageprocess library that has some TWAIN support, check the function list and flexibility ofDTWAIN with your current library's TWAIN support.

Fast technical support turnaround time. Most question that aree-mailed to DynaRithmic Software are answered within 24-hours of receipt. This leads toless downtime for developers.

Please visit http://www.dynarithmic.com for more information, and to try a free version of DTWAIN DLL for personal (non-commercial) use.
*Additional DTWAIN library (DTWAIN/PDF) is required for PDF option. See http://www.dynarithmic.com/ordering_information.html for more details

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