WebGalleryMagic, a highly integrated digital picture workflowtool.




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Description of WebGalleryMagic:

WebGalleryMagic, a highly integrated digital picture workflow tool.

WGM is a software package aimed at all digital photography fans who wish to present and archive their work. WGM helps you to generate and post picture galleries on the Internet as well as to generate image archives for CD-ROMs or other media. The image compression function can be used on its own with user-definable compression quality.
WGM lets you automate important aspects of your picture processing workflow quickly and easily, using JPG images from your digital camera. It helps you to preview, select, losslessly rotate and order the pictures as desired and to automatically create:
all files necessary to post your pictures as web galleries ; file structures for archiving multiple picture sets including a top-level catalog ; sets of JPG pictures compressed to your specification
Once the web gallery is created, the built-in Site Manager can be used to effortlessly synchronize the files on your web server.  A Site Manager is a tool that takes a local source folder with all its files, e.g. a collection of WebGallery files and synchronizes it with a given FTP site directory, making the task of updating your website server files easy and fast.

To facilitate the workflow and relieve you of repetitive tasks, WebGalleryMagic saves ALL settings you make. Everything you see, all settings and selections including the list of selected source files is stored automatically upon exit. Each time you restart WebGalleryMagic, you will be able to continue exactly where you left off when you last used the program. Moreover, WebGalleryMagic lets you store and retrieve as many different User Settings as you wish. It can also store the user settings together with your generated web gallery files so you can keep a copy of your settings stored together with your images on the Internet or on a CD-ROM.

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