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Description of TF IFX:

TF IFX is a 100% pure Java 1.1 image-manipulator.It has alot of filters and other tools which are helping you adding to a normal 2D image, high realistic effects like (chrome , gold, metal, plastic, sphere, waves, color controls, blur, 3D effects, rotate, spot lights, resize, crop ... etc.)TF IFX reads 12 image-formats (gif, jpg, bmp, png, pcx, tga, tif, tfx**, pct, ppm, ico*, cur*) and writes 10 image-formats (gif, jpg, bmp, png, pcx, tfx**, tga, tif, pct, ppm) + HTML Generator.The Program supports TWAIN*, which lets you communicate directly with your scanner or with your digital Camera.It is also supporting multi childs, which allows you to work with many images in the same time.A just-In-Time Filter Viewer helps you to see what the effect is doing (how it looks like), While you are moving the mouse over the effect name.With PrintView you can visually enter the location where the image should be printed.

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