Surfmemo is a screenshot manager and a tool to supervise your PC




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Description of Surfmemo:

Surfmemo is a screenshot managerIt can serve e.g. as a surfer's memo to browse offlineor as supervisor for users of your PC during your absence.After pressing the key
a screenshot in bmp-formatcan be found on the clipboard. This screenshot is saved by the programas a compressed picture in JPEG-format.You have control over the timer (1-60 screenshots/hour), thesection of the screen to watch, the size of the copies, the location where the copies are saved, the compression rate, the automatic naming (e.g. image0001.jpg toimage9999.jpg) and this way over the maximal number of screenshots ina session.A logfile will report the time of start and stop and the options,if you wish also every screenshot with name and time.In the demo version the timer is not functioning. A logo appears in the middle of the pictures and when you selecta section of the screen the pictures are negative.

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