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StudioLine Web provides for intuitive and rapid creation of internet pages without HTML or JavaScript knowledge. A true innovation, StudioLine Web is tightly integrated with the award-winning image archival and editing software StudioLine Photo. Thus, editing images and adding special effects is done directly within the layout of the web page. Also included is publication and site management with a SmartUpdate feature, as well as numerous design templates. StudioLine Web at a glance: User-friendly throughout and consistent use of intuitive drag & drop techniques. The software is a complete toolset for visually sophisticated web sites. The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) user interface is as equally effective as other desktop publishing applications, which revolutionized the layout for print media. This includes pixel-perfect placement of images and text, as well as page alignment of objects (left, right, centered, top, bottom, mid). Rulers, margins, magnetic guide-lines and functions to equally spread text and other objects assist during the design phase. Overlapping collages, even with roll-over effects on each image, are just a simple matter of stacking pictures in the page editor. StudioLine Photo Fully IntegratedStudioLine Web incorporates all functions of StudioLine Photo into its user interface. Graphic files are automatically catalogued in StudioLine Photo. Editing and optimizing images plus addition of special effects are accomplished directly in the page editor ¨C no switching back and forth between various applications. True to the ingenious concept of StudioLine Photo, all filters, tools and effects operate in ¡°no-loss¡± mode. Their order and settings are stored together with the original image and can be changed, reversed or deleted at any time. For use on the web, final images are automatically rendered into browser-compatible formats.Save Time with ¡°Copy¡± and Global LayoutsThe highly acclaimed controls introduced with StudioLine Photo are also found in StudioLine Web. A simple mouse action copies effects, descriptions, design choices and styles, as well as properties such as links, to other objects. Text can be enhanced with effects, remaining fully editable. Another time saver: A change to a global layout will propagate to all derived pages. Also, a prototype image can be used to determine the default filters and settings for all images added to a particular page.StudioLine Web bursts with productivity features to quickly and easily maintain a consistent look and feel, even for large sites with numerous pages.Links by Drag & DropTypical navigation links are added automatically by StudioLine. Additional pages can be linked with simple drag & drop actions. Download files are embedded by linking to local files on the PC. With the push of a button, StudioLine validates all URLs found on a site.HTML-Code Fully AutomaticHTML and JavaScript code, including navigation links, roll-over effects, etc. are rendered automatically by StudioLine Web. Placeholder objects allow the insertion of external code segments and objects, such as Flash animations, audio files or movies on a page. Novice users will appreciate a collection of ready-made, customizable design templates.Publication and Site ManagementStudioLine Web comes with a clever publishing tool and strong site management. The software reconciles the files and folders that need publishing with content found on the web server. This way, the transfer of files can resume after a temporary loss in connectivity. A ¡°SmartUpdate¡± feature keeps track of files that need to be updated, added or deleted on the web server and makes sure that replacement files are transferred successfully, before they are taken live. Web designers are encouraged to rename files and organize them in folders as a site grows. StudioLine will maintain the original URLs on the web server so that a restructuring of a web site does not result in search engine registrations being invalidated.Supported Languages¡¤ English¡¤ German¡¤ French¡¤ ItalianSystem RequirementsWindows? XP / 2000 / NT4.0 SP5 / ME / 98Pentium II 400 MHz Processor or compatible RAM: 192 MB (XP, 2000), 128 MB (NT4, ME, 98)80 MB disk space for programs (Allow extra space for data.)Supported BrowsersTo view Websites created with StudioLine the visitorshould use one of the following Browsers: ¡¤ Internet Explorer, Version 4.0 and higher¡¤ Netscape Navigator, Version 4.0 and higher¡¤ Opera, Version 5.0 and higher¡¤ Other W3C DOM Level 2 compatible browsers

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