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StudioLine Photo is easy to use yet powerful software for anyone involved with digital photography.



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StudioLine Photo is easy to use, yet powerful, software for anyone involved with digital photography. The software¡¯s strength lies in its ingenious image archive, flexible presentation and print options, as well as the straight forward and timesaving editing and description of large photo collections - thanks to a well-conceived batch processing feature.Intelligent ArchiveStudioLine Photo can import all common graphics formats. Its image archive consists of a database which manages thousands of pictures with the help of an unlimited number of criteria. Photos can be organized freely into folders. Shortcuts allow photos to be accessible from more than one place. There are many pre-configured properties, including copyright information, camera status (¡°Exif¡±) and descriptions based on the IPTC and NAA standards (International Press Telecommunications Council, Newspaper Association of America). In addition, the user can add any number of new properties and descriptions. The built-in search engine offers quick searches by individual keywords, as well as advanced queries, which combine various criteria or look for certain character sequences across all properties. To quickly catalog an entire series of related images, a simple mouse-click can copy descriptive information to any number of selected images.Experiments without RegretsExtensive image tools assist with the quick and easy optimization and correction of photos, while offering detailed control and highly advanced functions to satisfy the most advanced needs. These include red-eye filters, automatic tone levels, professional-grade optimization tools and a wide variety of special effects. Editing is performed real-time and the results are immediately visible. With StudioLine's one-of-a-kind batch processing technology, users can apply the same tools and filters to an entire photo series, without needing to record "Macros" and learn their use. This is achieved with a special button on each property page that is simply dragged or clicked to copy settings or descriptions to any number of images. Yet, the original image is always maintained intact. This is accomplished by StudioLine tracking the sequence and settings for all image tools, filters and special effects then storing an action list with the unchanged original. Thus, any changes can easily be taken back any time in the future. PresentationWith a few simple steps, a series of photos can be turned into an on-screen slide show, uploaded to a web site (using StudioLine¡¯s built-in FTP support) or emailed to family and friends. Sophisticated print functions allow the photographer to create quality hardcopies without leaving the comfort of their home. Intuitive User InterfaceFor added efficiency and ease-of-use, StudioLine Photo comes with an innovative and visually pleasing user interface which improves the familiar Windows look and feel. Even novices will quickly enjoy the intuitive, task oriented approach. A quick-start bar along the bottom guides provides shortcuts to the most important functions. In many situations, a simple drag and drop operation would eliminate the multiple menu selections which are otherwise required. Supported Languages¡¤ English¡¤ German¡¤ French¡¤ Italian System RequirementsWindows? XP / 2000 / NT4.0 SP5 / ME / 98Pentium II 400 MHz Processor or compatible RAM: 192 MB (XP, 2000), 128 MB (NT4, ME, 98)60 MB disk space for programs (Allow extra space for data.)Supported BrowsersTo view web galleries created with StudioLine Photo thevisitor should use one of the following Browsers:¡¤ Internet Explorer, Version 4.0 and higher¡¤ Netscape Navigator, Version 4.0 and higher¡¤ Opera, Version 5.0 and higher¡¤ Other W3C DOM Level 2 compatible browsers

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