Lenscare for Photoshop (professional Lisence)

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Description of Lenscare for Photoshop (professional Lisence):

Our Lenscare plugins move depth of field and out of focus generation to post processing. Knowing that there is a lack of solutions for real camera blurs we tried to work out our algorithms to come as close to the real thing as possible.The package freatures a easy to use Interface. It has already proofed useful in the freeware filter named 'Sinedots II' which is available from Philipp Spoeth's private homepage(www.philipp-spoeth.de). The filter features a dynamic realtime preview which automatically decreases resolution in order to maintain a responsive preview image. The interface also provides a undo/redo system as well as the possibility to load and save settings in extern files. All filters are 16bit aware and actionable.

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