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Description of iWorx:

iWorx is a powerful utility to manage images on desktop. It handles most commonly viewed image types- gif, jpeg and bmp. Unlike most of image management tools, it offers very easy to use most of sought facilities for entire collection and is very distinct tool compared to most of competitive products for the following reasons User can download the images from web. It is very important features for the business enterprises, whose primary product lines are traded through display of product designs wherein product designs available on the internet is downloaded regularly. User can protect its image collection through watermark, copyright info and image protection tools. User requires transparent images and iWorx can execute this operation to entire product gallery File size reduction is very essential for emailing User can scan the entire media for image files and can arrange the collection to suit its purpose User can carry out cropping operation on selected image. iWorx enhances the efficiency and ease of operation for the enterprises, who require to handle image files in bulk. Unlike in most image handlers available in market, iWorx facilitate most of its functions on entire selected images and/or entire folder. This saves huge time and efforts and brings uniformity in the entire operation with minimal risk for errors.

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