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Description of Internet Graphics Finder:

Why is it so difficult to find the perfect picture you need when searching the millions of available images on the Internet? There are lots of different search engines that return long textual lists of web pages that may have images that match your search criteria. Wouldn't it be nice if a program could extract and download these image links and display them at the same time as thumbnails in a Gallery?Now there is a handy new program from SkibbySoft that does this and more! Internet Graphics Finder (IGF for short) is a 32-bit Windows application designed to help you easily find, extract, view, print and save pictures available on the Internet. Multiple images are downloaded and viewed at the same time as thumbnails in the IGF Gallery. This includes showing image animation if it applies. You can view the downloaded images at their regular size in the IGF Viewer or your default Internet Browser and then print them or save them to your PC. Then you can use the public domain images you find in your own publishing projects and web pages. Internet Graphics Finder supports the standard Internet image file formats JPEG - *.JPG and GIF - *.GIF (animated) along with Windows Bitmap - .BMP

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