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Description of Iconeer:

Iconeer is a powerful, full featured Mac icon builder. Supports standard icon suite of System 7.x, new icon suite of Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9, as well as new Mac OS X suite. Allows easy creation of mac icons of all sizes and color depths from a picture file, clipping, or dragged picture. Support for 1-bit and 8-bit icon masks enables creation of icons compatible with both old and new suites. Different pictures can be optionaly assigned to each icon size and/or depth which can result in "live" icons that change in dependence on window view, screen color depth, or even system version. With real-time preview it is possible to see the complete icon before it is actually saved to disk - as custom icon file, folder with custom icon, icon resource file - or directly to clipboard. Icon import allows ripping the pictures from existing mac icons. With Iconeezer - batch icon builder - more custom icons can be created with a single click.Iconeer is an ideal tool for desktop customization, Mac icon artists and software developers.

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