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3D FotoStudio 1.23D Photography with 35mm camera or digital cameraStep into the fascinating world of 3D photography: 3D FotoStudio enables you to create your own stereo images using your 35mm camera or digital camera without expensive special equipment.To create a stereo image with 3D effect you need a pair of images that are made from two slightly horizontally shifted points of view. The images are taken from the free hand, 3D FotoStudio adjusts disalignment and rotation by user defined identical points and lines.3D FotoStudio creates different types of stereo images:Anaglyph Image (grayscale/color): stereo image, which appears threedimensional during view with anaglyph glasses (red/green or red/blue).Stereo Image left/right or right/left: the first type of images can be viewed either with prism eyeglasses or parallel-eyed the second one cross-eyed.Stereo Image for ELSA 3D REVELATOR: stereo image to be viewed with the LCD Shutterglasses ELSA 3D REVELATOR.Field Sequential Image: stereo image to be viewed with LCD Shutterglasses in interlaced mode.

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