Custom Shapes complete (shapes for Photoshop (r))

Custom shapes complete - 8000+ shapes for PS




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Macintosh, MAC X

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Description of Custom Shapes complete (shapes for Photoshop (r)):

Shapes/gradients COMPLETE
8000+ custom shapes for Photoshop.

All the shapes are royalty-free

The shapes can be used in many ways, in combo with layer effects, or as paths, or as web design/fill shapes. The shapes come in a mixed variety of designs such as starbursts, zigzags, widgets, blots and dots, pies, 3D, and more. The shapes can also be combined and used in conjunction with other shapes and texts as well as further manipulating the shapes using the shape/points tools and can be a source of new shapes. The shapes can also be used in combo with the native Photoshop effects as well as combo with 3rd party plugins or actions or scripting

Bonus: gradients set, styles, patterns, and (pc only) plugins

For more information about the shapes and gradients, please check out the sapphire page for detailed descriptions, examples and images as well as downloadable samplers of the shapes and gradients

Photoshop is registered trademark of Adobe

[Photoshop 7/6/elements/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/macClassic/macOSX]

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