COMobjects.NET 3D Pie Chart (Enterprise Licence)

It is a tool for rendering your data to VML file as a 3D pie chart. You can cut a slice by clicking it or legend.




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Description of COMobjects.NET 3D Pie Chart (Enterprise Licence):

COMobjects.NET 3D Pie Chart is a ActiveX component, which generates nice pie charts according to your data. You can cut a slice just clicking it or its legend. The chart is presented by VML file, that's why the browsers load it quickly. VML is a vector markup language (based on XML). Its support is installed by default with Internet Explorer 5 and higher. VML allows to make a lot of things without roundtrip. For example slice pulling out is executed by client-side script (so you needn't to refresh the page)! So if you are want to get pretty looking data visualization, try our 3D Pie Chart!

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