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Cliprex is a windows Videoplayer for playing back avi, asf, mpg, dat(VCD), mpeg-2 .vob .wmv .m1v .m2v videofiles or any other videofile you have the p




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Windows All Versions

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Description of Cliprex Lite:

To maintain the quality of the hosting of this product and to support the further development the registration fee of Cliprex Lite is 15 Dollar.

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Cliprex is a windows video player that has been optimized and coded for all kinds of video collections and movies because we had noticed there wasn't a suitable player around to play them, anyway, you can play all kind of video files from a playlist. DivX is supported too.
Some of the features are:
1 Pitch control up to 225% of the original video speed

2 Shows the movie title at the start of a video

3 Downloads the codec if it needs to for an unknown video file if available

4 You can register the filetypes to set Cliprex as your default videoplayer and restore the association to Windows Media Player 6.x, 7.x or 8.x if you want to.

5 Videofile search option: You can scan your (network)drives for videofiles and add them to your playlist.

6 Advanced good-looking playlist which has nice configuration options and a removable history

7 Image capturing: save your snapshots as a bitmap or jpeg and even the possibility to edit your captured pictures

8 Loop control

9 Mouse scroller support

10 Optional Mpeg-2 and .vob (DVD) support.

11 Option to rename video's in the playlist

12 Customizable hotkeys

13 easy interface

14 much more..

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