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ArcSoft PhotoStudio? 5 is the perfect photo editor for both beginners and enthusiasts.




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Description of ArcSoft PhotoStudio:

ArcSoft PhotoStudio? 5 is the perfect photo editor for both beginners and enthusiasts. It boasts the high-end features needed to perform sophisticated image manipulation procedures and presents itself with a user interface that is simple, intuitive and completely customizable.

What's New:; 48-bit image support-view and make enhancements with high-quality images. Exporting/importing from/to removable media with batch naming and format processing.
; "Magic Cut" feature-create transparent cutouts of objects that you loosely define.
; Auto Crop-scan multiple images and allow the program to display each one separately on the desktop. Define multiple crop areas on your images.
; New special effects, including "old photo" and various lighting and weathering augmentations.
; "Remove Holes" feature-closes gaps filled by any selection tool to create a continuous selected area.
; "Soft Edge" and shadowing added to layering functionality.
; Fully compliant with Windows XP.
; Updated icons and graphics.

Image layeringLayering allows multiple images to be "stacked" and stored in one single file. By layering images, you can effectively blend several images together, hide or display each separate layer, modify groups of layers without affecting those that do not need editing, and create multiple, fully editable text strings. Layers can even be modified with a "soft edge" or drop shadow.

Broad range of enhancing toolsWith a wide palette of enhancement options, color correction and image modification is made possible with minimal effort. An "auto enhance" may do the job in itself, performing several color/contrast functions that liven most digital images. Options include image brightness and contrast; hue, saturation, tone, color reduction and balance; and much more.

Special effectsVarious special effects instantly transform your images into a multitude of unique creations. Use the "old photo" option to give a photo an old, worn sepia tone. Add various weather and lighting effects to completely change an image's tone and mood. Make photos melt. Twist and contort them in unusual ways.

CloningSelect a "clone source" on any image or layer, and then paint with your mouse on another image or layer, using the clone source as your inkwell. This tool is perfect for copying a foreground object from one image to another and removing foreground artifacts. Set the image background as your clone source and paint over power lines and other unwanted objects.

Manual and automatic croppingTrim off unwanted sections of your images. Make freehand or geometric selections and crop out everything outside of the selected area. When scanning, place multiple photos on the scanner bed and have the program automatically separate the files and display them on the desktop individually. You can define multiple crop areas on any photo (except 48-bit images).

"Magic" cuttingThe "magic cut" wizard helps you create transparent cutouts, which can be pasted on other images or used exclusively on their own. Loosely define the desired area, and the program automatically crops it for you. Any areas that have been accidentally removed may be replaced with a few mouse clicks. Similarly, areas that were missed in the initial cut can just as easily be removed. This tool is excellent for creating transparent images out of both foreground objects and backgrounds.

Improved selection optionsIt's natural for some selection tools to leave some areas open when you fully intended to have them included. This is particularly noticeable when selecting areas by color; minor color variations can lead to an area of a photo being unintentionally excluded from your selected area. The "remove holes" feature locates and eliminates these gaps, creating a solid selection.

ArcSoft "album" functionalityAlbums let you categorize all images on your system and removable media into collective sets that can be printed as contact sheets. Albums eliminate the need to search for files stored in various locations. Once a file is linked to an album, it becomes instantly accessible through a thumbnail shortcut.

Error-free editingWith multiple levels of undo/redo, you can edit your photos without the fear of making irreversible changes. Toggle the commands to go back and forth between changes to compare different stages in your project.

Simple, customizable desktopEach palette and toolbar within the program can be moved or hidden to maximize your work area. Beginners can hide palettes that may seem too advanced; enthusiasts will enjoy the freedom of arranging the layout to their liking.

System Requirements:
? Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
? Pentium II-based PC or equivalent
? 50 MB free hard disk space
? 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
? 16-bit color display

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