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ArcSoft Funhouse is a fun imaging application that puts you in the picture.




$35.99 (USD)


Macintosh, MAC X

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Description of ArcSoft Funhouse:

ArcSoft Funhouse is the perfect photo blending for creative, fun digital images.Combine seamlessly two or more photos to create funny or realistic scenes. Make yourself a star quarterback or an arena rock star. Put friends and family members on $100 bills, or swap all of their heads and bodies. Funhouse walks you through adding your personal photos into built-in or custom templates to print, email, and share these digital imaging creations. Add captions, titles, quotes?full text editing lets you include colorful taglines and descriptions.
Focusing on simplicity and fun
The intuitive and easy-to-follow interface makes creating your Funhouse images pain-free and fun. The five simple steps are clearly marked along the side of the desktop. It?s virtually impossible to stumble?the program stops you from performing the wrong step by activating the steps only when the time is right.
Perfect mask creation
?Mask? out areas of a photo to create your template. The masked area will be transparent so that other photos can be placed within. Comprehensive tools let you mask precise areas. Blur tools create effective blends so that photos don?t look pieced together. Size and orientation controls let you position inserted photos for a clean, natural look.
Content, content, content
Included with the program are over 150 unique templates, ready to be customized with your own personal images. The templates are categorized into themes, making it easy to browse and select what you want. Templates range from animated cartoon cels to classic, historic scenes. Simply select the template you want, and then insert your own personal image to bring the photo to life.
Live image capture
Capture photos directly into your selected template using a connected and compatible video device. There?s no need to capture your images separately, download them, and then import them into the program. With a few clicks, you can have a captured photo placed perfectly within a template.
Automatic and manual color refinement
The ?Match Color? option automatically adjusts the hue and saturation of the inserted photo for exceptional blending. Your photo will really look a part of the template into which it was inserted. If additional color manipulation is required, manual brightness, contrast, and hue sliders are available and easily adjusted.
Full text editing
Add text anywhere on your Funhouse image. Adjust font size, style, and color. Add a customizable shadow to the text for an added effect.
Share your work
Save, print, and email your finished work. Share your creations with friends, family, coworkers, whomever. Create images for special occasions, gifts, or just for fun.
System Requirements (Windows):
? Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
? Pentium-based PC or equivalent
? 150 MB free hard disk space
? 32 MB RAM (64 MB recommended)
? 16-bit color display at 800 x 600
? DirectX 6.0 or above

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