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Description of Advanced Batch Converter:

Advanced Batch Converter does exactly what its title suggests, allowing you to easily convert multiple graphics files at the click of a button. More than that, you can also edit images directly in Advanced Batch Converter, to produce a variety of effects (resize, rotate, flip, mirror, crop, filters, morphing effects, color enhancements etc). Along with the ability to batch convert you can, of course, carry out single conversions.

The program supports 19 file formats to which you can convert: bmp, dib, rle, jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif, png, pcx, tga, pcc, tif, tiff, ico, jng, wbmp, pbm, wmf and emf.

The original file can be in practically any current file format, as Advanced Batch Converter has support for over 55 file types: bmp, jpg, gif, png, tif, jpeg, rle, dib, pcd, icb, ico, wmf, tiff, tga, pcx, scr, emf, jif, vda, jfif, rgb, afi, vst, win, cel, jpe, rgba, pic, pcc, cut, ppm, pgm, pbm, sgi, rla, rpf, psd, pdd, psp, cur, targa, bw, tar, jfi, eps, int, inta, fax, jng, mng, 411, pix, pxm, ani, wbmp.

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