ACS Capture

ACS Capture is a powerful professional image capture and screen recording tool




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Windows All Versions

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Description of ACS Capture:

ACS Capture is very easy to use, it is for any computer user who needs to capture more than a few screens for any purpose. With it, you can capture screen images in variable mode such as region, circle,ellipse,polygon,even windows,buttons,menus objects. With it, you can also recording screen actions as avi files very easily.With ACS Capture, you can: Capture screen image, it can catch any image on you screen in variable shape, even the window objects and menu objects; Icon search, it can snap all the icons within a EXE or DLL file, and search all the icons within EXE or DLL or ICO files in special folder. AVI recording, it can record all your actions on the screen to generate a AVI video file.

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