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Description of VectorShop:

Powerful and Easy-to-use tool to create professional-looking flowcharts, presentations, schematics and networks.VectorShop uses the state-of-art rendering engine (GDI+), which supports many advanced image effects (alpha blending, gradient, hatch, shadow, etc.) Since Office XP uses GDI+ as the rendering engineering, the image created in VectorShop can work smoothly with Word and PowerPoint without loss of any quality.VectorShop supports truly customizable autoshape and symbol. Version 1.0 is shipped with more than 1000 symbols in flow chart diagram and many engineering fields. Besides the EMF and EMF+ that are used as vector image standard in Windows platform , the image created in VectorShop can be exported to PS, and EPS, which is very useful for the technique writing in Latex. Moreover, VectorShop exports image to SVG and SVGZ, which makes VectorShop a handy tool for web publication.

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