Shapes Vol 1 (Custom Shapes for Photoshop 6/7/elements)

Custom shapes - 800+ royalty-free custom shapes for Photoshop 6 and 7 (pc & mac) - great for path/layer effects/text/web effects




$7.99 (USD)


Macintosh, MAC X

Shapes Vol 1 (Custom Shapes for Photoshop 6/7/elements) Download

Description of Shapes Vol 1 (Custom Shapes for Photoshop 6/7/elements):

Custom shapes - Themed custom shapes libraries that can be used to drag a huge selection of amazing shapes onto any image, apply layer effects to the shapes, use as path/selections and create awesome image effects or use as filled regions. Great combined with text and other shapes, combo/intersect to create zillions of shapes from the core shape set. The shapes can have layer effects applied to create stunning images in an instant. The custom shapes can also be distorted, warped, combined into any image and effects or applied on different layers - this set contains 800+ stunning shapes to really add to PS 6/7 - also works with Photoshop elementsFor more information about the shapes, please check out the sapphire site. as well as download some of the samplers. The shapes are a very flexible way of adding interesting creative effects to an image or logos or combining with text or tweaking the shapes and combining. Shapes can be used in 100s and 100s of different waysA full set is also available but this is a smaller themed set

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