5 Panopticum Fire 3.0 (Plugins for Photoshop, Mac)

Fire effects for Adobe Photoshop




$35 (USD)


Macintosh, MAC X

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Description of 5 Panopticum Fire 3.0 (Plugins for Photoshop, Mac):

Panopticum Fire 3.0 Fire effects for designers to using in their work such program tools as Adobe Photoshop, Corel PhotoPaint, Paint Shop Pro and other sets wich support the standard of Adobe Photoshop additional modules.
Panopticum Fire 3.0 is designed for the purpose of creating realistic effects of burning. Structurally Fire plugin is one module that contains a great number of different regulated fire effects. The product allow a great variety of different parameters of the flame. With the help of this product you can get different types of combustion: Candle, Fire, Sparks and Drops. You can create different types of spreading the fire, as well as of regulation of the color of the fire. The main qualities of this new set are the simplicity and easiness with which one can get a beautiful animated fire in no time at all. Any changes of any of these parameters in the future will be reflected in thescaled Window of the Preview. For the purpose of forming a realistic fire such additional effects as sparks shooting out from the fire, a super quick glow and others are added. The dialog Window of our plug-in is decorated with an unusual original interface with unique elements of fire animation. In caseyou have a sound card you will hear pleasant crackling of the animated Fire.

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