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LINO is a drafting and illustration plugin for the Rhino NURB's model. It produces .pdf files with linewidths, linetypes, fills and hatching to scale




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Description of Lino - Single User Licence:

LINO is a drafting and illustration plugin for for the Rhino NURBs modeller.
It produces drawings with linewidths, linetypes, hatches and fills.
Prints are to scale, on standard page sizes.
LINO works by assigning these characteristics by layer, then previewing
or printing to an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format file. These files open automatically within
Adobe's Free Acrobat Reader, from which they can be saved in electronic format
or easily printed to hardcopy. .pdf files created by LINO will open directly in illustration
packages such as Illustrator or Photoshop. Rhino layer names and structure are preserved.

Files produced by LINO use bezier and truetype representations
for highly compact, elegant and flexible files, ideal for electronic document distrubtion.
LINO is available as fully functional time limited shareware.

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