Brushes (for Illustrator (r))

Brushes for Illustrator - artistic/scatter brushes - 100s and 100s of brushes in many mixed designs




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Macintosh, MAC X

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Brushes (for Illustrator 8, 9, 10) COMPLETE
5000+ brushes for Illustrator 8/9.02/10

All the brushes are royalty-free

The brushes come in a mixed set of designs, most are artistic brushes but many are also scatter brushes (though they can be easily converted from brush types), they are also great as a potential path resource and also for symbols. The brushes include 3D brushes, star brushes, dotty and scattered fragment brushes, rought brushes, zigzags, realistic brushes, and more.
The brushes can be used on paths, on text, on themselves. The brushes can be broken apart and used as new brushes or modified or combined to create new resources. The brushes library sets can also be seen as a great resource for paths, just drag on the document and use as a path, apply effects, envelopes etc, or quickly connvert the brush into a symbol and use in the symbol libraries or use in conjunction with the graphicxtras plugins sets for symbols

For more information about the vector brushes, please check out the sapphire page, for detailed descriptions, examples and images as well as downloadable samplers. The downloadable sampler set also includes a tutorial explaining a number of ways to use these exciting brushes to create wonderful new designs in seconds.

For Illustrator 8/9.02/10

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