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Description of Typograf:

View and preview fonts

Display all OpenType, TrueType and Type 1 fonts on hard disks, DVD, CD, opticals,
floppies or particular folders including all sub folders. Sorts viewed fonts
by name, file, family, copyright, width, date, size.

Typograf displays following font types:

; OpenType and TrueType fonts (preview,
installed, loaded by Typograf)
; PostScript Type 1 fonts (preview,
installed, loaded by Typograf) - free ATM Light required
; Printer fonts
; Raster or bitmap fonts (system

Display all font properties

; font information: full name, family name, creator, version, copyright,
trademark, ...
; file data: size, date, file location path.
; typeface classification by PANOSE system, IBM Font Classes or the Windows
internal metric structure
; character set
; keyboard layout
; zoom view for details
; edit font information

Compare fonts

; Find similar fonts according to the typeface classifications
; Compare several fonts tabularly according to important font features,
file data, character width, number of kerning pairs, ...
; Finds font duplicates on disk, DVD, CD, ...

Print fonts

; Print 1, 6, 20, 40 or 80 fonts on a A4 page.
; Two kind of sample page of a font including character set.
; Print character set, keyboard layout

Font file management functions

; Copy, move, delete font files.
; Load or unload fonts
; Install or uninstall fonts

Manage fonts in database and font groups

Keep your TrueType and PostScript fonts in order using the font database and font

; Catalog all your fonts with the database. Thus you alway know on
which DVD, CD-ROM or folder your fonts are.
; Organize your fonts in font groups to load them as needed.

Information about typefaces and typography

; TrueType and Type 1 Reference
; Typeface Classifications
; Mixing & Matching Typefaces
; Choosing an appropriate Type
; Typesetting

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