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STL Editor is a Stereolithography (.STL) file viewing, editing and printing application.




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Description of STL Editor:

STL Editor is a Stereolithography (.STL) file viewing, editing and printing application. The .STL file format has become the Rapid Prototyping industry's standard data transmission format and is the format required to interact with stereolithography machines. How often have you received a STL file from someone only to find that it contains errors or it is just not the way you wished it was? How often have you sent back a STL file for modification or scrapped it totally because you found it unacceptable? If this happens often then STL Editor is exactly what you need. STL Editor has been designed keeping Rapid Prototyping machines in mind. It offers many helpful basic an advanced STL file editing features. Below are some of the features incorporated in this incredible editor:Opens and works with multiple STL files simultaneously. Print and Print Preview capabilities. Undo operations. Support for clipboard operations. Basic editing commands such as move, align, rotate, scale, mirror, shear, flip normals, unify normals, etc. Advanced editing commands such as hollow (internal, external or both), offset (internal or external), stitch, fill holes, smoothen, decimate, clip, etc.Rotate, Zoom and Pan the drawing with the mouse. Predefined Axis and Isometric views Perspective and Orthographic projection. Points, Wireframe and Surface model of the objects Object transparency control. User defined background, front face and back face colors. Global and per drawing configuration. Context-sensitive help system. Support for plug-ins

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