SolidWorks Custom Property Propa-Gator, ver. 1.0.5

Custom Properties are the key to managing information in SolidWorks. And Propa-Gator is the tool for managing Custom Properties in all your SolidWork




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Description of SolidWorks Custom Property Propa-Gator, ver. 1.0.5:

The Custom Property Propagator provides an efficient means of managing Custom Properties across multiple SolidWorks files. This ingenious little program allows you to define all your properties in one place and then propagate some or all of them to whatever groups of SolidWorks files you like. The properties you define won?t disappear when you exit the program or finish running a batch of files through. They?ll stay there until you decide to delete them. If you don?t want to use some of them on a particular run, just uncheck them and they will be duly ignored. You can choose to delete or overwrite undesired properties, or you can leave them alone. You don?t even have to enter the properties into the Propa-Gator the first time if you have a sample file that has everything the way you want it. With a simple click, the Propa-Gator will replicate all the properties from the sample file and enter them for you to accept or edit. And the Propa-Gator is FAST! If you are dealing with properties at the Model-Level, the program does not need to open the files in SolidWorks, but simply writes your properties and values directly to the OLE structured storage portion of the file.

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