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MOST 2D - Standard is a nesting software for cnc gas, plasma and laser cutting.




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Description of MOST 2D - Standard:

BodyMOST 2D - Standard is an automatic nesting software for cnc gas, plasma, laser and waterjet cutting applications. The 30-days trial version of the same can be downloaded from the following site.

After installing the downloaded program on your computer, you will see the link to the nesting as well as mini-cad module on your desktop. You will have to type the following password for launching the nesting module, whereas the mini-cad module will start without any password.

li8 (Small letter ELL, small letter I, digit eight)

After installation, you will see a document titled Know More.doc in the installation folder, containing stepwise guidelines for using the software. You will be able to open this document in your word processing software. The software also supports on-line help, though it may be a bit old and some new features may not be described in detail in the same. In such cases, we request you to refer to the release notes attached with the software or get in touch with us on email at one of the following addresses. or

A brief description of the modules supported by the software is reproduced below.

Features included in Cad Module (Item.exe)
; Standard shape generation. (F10) ; Conversion of 2-D shape drawings from dxf/dwg/cnc format. (Menu: File => Convert) ; Automatic as well as manual leadin - leadout attachment. (Menu: Insert) ; All menus / commands in Item.exe - version 4.0, except the following. ; Menu: Cut ; Menu: Tools => CNC settings ; Menu: Tools => Export

Features included in Nesting / Cutting Module (Most.exe)
; Automatic nesting of multiple shapes and stocks. Stocklist may include offcuts. (F5) ; Manual nesting using add / delete / rotate / move / mirror commands. (Menu: Fit) ; Incremental nesting to combine automatic as well as manual nesting. (Shift+F5) ; Real time error checking during manual nesting. (F6) ; Automatic toolpath updation at all stages of automatic as well as manual nesting. ; Automatic as well as editable sequencing of each cutting cycle. (Control+Q) ; Automatic as well as editable path (cw/ccw) for each cutting cycle. (Control+K) ; Leadin - leadout manipulation. (Menu: Leadio. Automatic options not included.) ; Statistical as well as graphical report generation. (Control+J & Control+P) ; Option to output nested layouts in DXF format. (Menu: Result => Convert => Dxf file) ; CNC code generation for selected controllers. (Menu: Result => Cnc Codes)

Thank you.

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