LT-Extender 2000 Plus for AutoCAD LT 2000, 2000i, 2002 (50 Users)

LT-Extender 2000 Plus extends AutoCAD LT 2000,2000i,2002 installation with AutoLisp/VisualLisp/Arx support and 60 original, missing AutoCAD commands




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LT-Extender 2000 Plus for AutoCAD LT 2000, 2000i, 2002 (50 Users) Download

Description of LT-Extender 2000 Plus for AutoCAD LT 2000, 2000i, 2002 (50 Users):

Extends your AutoCAD LT 2000,2000i,2002 with many original AutoCAD commands, functions and features - push your LT to (nearly) full AutoCAD power with full compatibility !

LT-Extender offers:
; Activation of Lisp system (run Lisp programs)
; Activation of Ads/Arx system (run Ads/Arx/Dbx programs)
; Activation of more than 60 (up to 90) original, but 'hidden' AutoCAD
    commands (draw/sketch, 3D draw, 3D surfaces, Raster/Image,
    Pan/Zoom/Orbit, Renderer, Clipping)
; Aktivation of around 75 'hidden' System-Variables; ShadeMode allows permanently hidden/shaded models to be edited
; Appload and AutoStart commands
; automatically load of Acad*.lsp support files
; automatically load of Acad.rx support file
; automatically load of *.mnl Menu Lisp files
; Emulation of AutoCAD environment to provide highest compatibility
    for AutoCAD applications
; supports DemandLoad feature for Ads/Arx applications
; includes LayerTools - smart and powerful graphical interface to
    control layer by reference entites
; includes Hatch2Solid, Solid2Hatch, Advanced ImageCut utilities
; supports Autodesk ExpressTools Vol.1-8 and Vol.1-9
    (LMan, WipeOuts, RText, ArcText, TextMask, etc.)
; supports AccuRender 3.1 running in AutoCAD LT

Use your favourite AutoLisp and Ads/Arx applications and tools under LT like with AutoCAD, work with LT as you work with AutoCAD !

Freeware Bonus :
After trial period has expired, these commands will continue to work
; all Image commands
; VpClip, XClip, Advanced ImageClip
; ShadeMode
; LayerTools
; Hatch2Solid, Solid2Hatch

Besides easy installation, LT-Extender offers a new menu column and a large number of AutoCAD compatible toolbars.

English/German Multi-Version; works with all language versions of AutoCAD LT 2000/2000i/2002.

The Trial version will run for 200 AutoCAD LT starts.

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