LayerManager Professional for AutoCAD 14

Ultimate LayerManager for AutoCAD R14 using Windows-Eplorer-Design; extremly powerful and flexible




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Description of LayerManager Professional for AutoCAD 14:

With "LayerManager Professional v4.1" for AutoCAD R14 you are using the most outstanding and powerful tool-software, which guides you to a new and modern way of LayerManagement. By combining many very efficient, extended layer functions with the comfort of a Windows Explorers as well as the large number of functionally details and solutions, completely new possibilities for handling layers and your entire drawing are given into your hands. Apart from clearly advanced working comfort "LayerManager Professional" ensures substantial saving of time and selection security while handling layers, as well as the possibility to handle hundreds of layers with only a few mouseclicks. Even most complex Layer systems with often encrypted layernames remain always readable and identifiable by the means of extended description texts.

Short Features' Overview :
Ultimate LayerManager for AutoCAD R14, manages Layer/LayerGroups/Hierarchies using Windows-Explorer-Design, extremly powerful, Xref/Block-enabled, Many special functions like Foreground/Background control, Display/Highlight, Move/Copy/Clone, Selection Sets, WBlocks, Export/Import, Independence for Model-/Paperspace/Layouts(!), SchnapShots, Layer-Listings, Layer-History, LayerTools integrated;

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