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Professional CAD for Win9x/Me/NT/2000




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Windows All Versions

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Description of FelixCAD English:


- High-Speed Performance
- Optimized for Windows 9x, ME, 2000 and NT
- Network ready
- On-line help, tutorials and documentation
- Simultaneous opening of up to four drawings with up to four viewports
-"Cut and Paste" between drawings and the Windows clipboard
- Customizable tool-bars, menus and desktop menus
- Customizable context menu
- Properties bar
- Rotated Snap and Isometric Snap
- New user interface with toolbars customized on the fly
- E-mail support
- Drawing Navigator?

- Amazing AutoCAD compatibility
- Direct reading and writing of AutoCAD DWG and DXF Files up to Release 2002
- Transparent execution of all common CAD functions
- Various 3D functions
- Short learning curve

- Preview of drawings, blocks and parts
- Icon menu and Image Library support
- Easy definition of re-usable complex objects (parts, blocks, symbols)
- Visual Part and Symbol Library Manager (DWG and DXF files supported)
- Sophisticated object grouping
- Externally referenced drawings (xRef's with dwg, dxf and flx support)
- Associated dimensioning and hatching
- Boundary hatching
- User definable dimensioning styles
- Layout mode (Paper space / Model space)
- Industry standard layers, line types, blocks, fonts, and line types

- User definable coordinate systems
- Animated rendering based on Microsoft OpenGL? graphics
- Fast hidden line removal
- Fast pan and zoom based on an new 3D display list
- Dynamic Zoom and Pan
- Interface for hybrid raster / vector applications
- Digitizer support/ Tablet menu support
- Detailed plot menu with multiple configuration options

- User definable Alias-commands
- Visual Menu, Dialog, and Tool box editor with AutoCAD DCL and MNU support
- SHX? font support
- Big fonts and true type support
- Lisp Interpreter with code protection option
- C/C++ Application Programming Interface (API) similar to AutoCAD
- Dynamic Link Library support
- Delphi? Interface
- DDE support
- Callback and Notification functions
- SQL2/ODBC Support
- Metafile (WMF),Bitmap (BMP) and Slide (SLD) Export

- Support for Extended Entity Data (EED)
- Unrestricted commercial and corporate developer programs, ideal for any organization size

Highlighted New Features of FelixCAD 5

- Dynamic Snap (DynaSnap)
- Multi-line text (MTEXT)
- AutoCAD Roundtrip DWG
- Selectable Default File Format (dwg, dxf, flx)
- DWG and DXF 2002 support
- Speed and Memory optimized Polyline (Lightweight Polyline)
- Preselection of Objects (Noun-verb selection)
- New Recovery Function
- Dynamic Perspective View (DVIEW)
- Sketch command for freehand drafting
- Transparent Alias-commands
- Dramatically improved Purge command
- Start-up Assistant
- Logbook function
- Batch Converting and Plotting utilities
- Extended Programming API

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