Defocus Dei

Defocus Dei adds effects on your computer-generated 3D images. Add depth of field, modify Z buffer hue, add fog on images created with 3D software




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Description of Defocus Dei:

Defocus Dei allows you to : Add postproduction effects on 3D images. ; You got several filter : depth of field, atmospheric perspective, saturation, hue, luminosity depending on depth.
; You can add your effects on images or animations. ; You can animate your effects.
Defocus Dei is a post production tool, which means that it works after image rendering is made by one of these 3D software :
Amapi 4.0 ; LightWave 5.x, 6.x ; 3ds Max V3.x, V4.x ; Softimage ; Every software which saves Z-Buffer in 2D file.
Adding effects after image rendering, will allow you to :
Keep your original images. ; Add quickly effects on a single image or animation. ; Try effects settings out until you get what you want. ; Have powerful feedback to make settings easier.

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