AutoPlayer2000 is a keyboard macro player for AutoCAD2000. Provides pause for user input mechanism and a easy to use interface.



$24 (USD)


Win CE/Pocket PC

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Description of AutoPlayer2000:

Tips and tricks at your fingertips.AutoPlayer2000 is a keyboard macro player for AutoCAD 2000. - Assigns a sequence of commands on a key or a key combination, giving you speed and comfort while you are drawing.- Provides pause for user input giving you a lot more flexibility.- Easy to use interface with list of your shortcuts at hand.- Running AutoLisp expressions enables you to build up complex macros or to evaluate and change lisp expressions on-line.- Multiple sets of assignments, easy to switch, provides adaptability for variuos types of projects.- Provides Copy-Paste. You will find it easy to assign strings from menu sources or from lisp routines to keyboard.- Allows transparent commands; you will find it easy to zoom and pan.

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