swfXXL Personal Edition

Play FLASH(swf) files FULLSCREEN sized at FULL SPEED!




$19.95 (USD)


Windows All Versions

swfXXL Personal Edition Download

Description of swfXXL Personal Edition:

swfXXL will turn any Flash (swf) file into a fullscreen application that will run at the same speed as if in a small window. swfXXL utilises DirectX to switch your screen resolution to any desired display mode (e.g. 640x480 or 320x240).

This way rendering a fullscreen sized swf file is much faster than viewing it with a normal flashplayer (which would have to scale it to the higher desktop resolution).

Create fast fullscreen action games, presentations or movies! All you need is Flash - and swfXXL!

Additional features include embedding of files, mouse cursor hiding etc.

This Personal Edition does not include the start & exit screen feature. A swfXXL logo is displayed instead of the exit screen.

For more information, demos and an evaluation version visit http://www.swfXXL.com.

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