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Description of mpegable X4 live:

A new dimension in video coding has come, mpegable X4 Live ... easy to use, fast, maximum quality and at a reasonable price.

Create MPEG-4 videos from your existing media library -- produced with your favourite video editing software -- or directly capturing from your ?

digital video camera; web-cam; analogue video camera; video tape player; TV receiver card ?(DV camera requires firewire device; AV camera and video tape player require analogue capture card, such as Osprey?s 200 series)

Watch your videos created with mpegable X4 Live right away and as usual -- in the player of your preference ?

Apple?s QuickTime 6 Player; Microsoft?s Windows Media Player*; Real Network?s RealOne Player* mpegable X4 Live is delivered with mpegable DS decoder, which enables you to watch your MPEG-4 file in your Windows Media Player

And, of course, you can also watch them in any other ISO MPEG-4 compliant player, like our mpegable Player. MPEG-4 is an open standard and widely supported by many technology vendors being the true standard of today?s multimedia experience offering you the freedom of choice.

With mpegable X4 Live you will be ?recording? your favourite TV show directly onto your PC or be having all your holiday adventures in your media library - without the worry of being stuck with a complicated piece of software.

mpegable X4 Live ?

... is easy to use - just a few clicks to set your desired parameters, that?s it.
... is fast - real-time MPEG-4 video encoding at its best, why wait longer?
... delivers maximum quality - brilliant MPEG-4 videos,
... is reasonably priced -- Euro 25, why pay more?

Using mpegable X4 Live you will also experience magnificent space savings in your media library on your hard-drive and will be able to fit a two-hour movie on a regular CD.

Check it out and get your free, fully featured 30-day trial version of the most advanced MPEG-4 consumer video codec available today or buy it now for an incredible Euro 25.


Full MPEG-4 conformity (ISO/IEC 14496), Simple and Advanced Simple Profile for video, AAC LC for audio; Easy to use with preview window; Pre-processing for cropping, down-sampling and de-interlacing; User defined resolutions up to 352x288; Real-time encoding on Pentium III; Scalable from 5 kBit/s to 1,5 MBit/s; Constant and variable bit-rate mode; Batch processing with configurable job list; Automatic scene cut detection; Includes mpegable Player; Includes mpegable DS for watching ISO MPEG-4 files in Windows Media Player

Input format: AVI; MPEG-1; Live capture from analogue sources (VfW/DirectShow compatible capture devices); Live Capture DV (using DirectShow DV driver); any media supported by DirectShow (MPEG-2, ...)
Output format: MP4 file

System requirements

Processor: Pentium III or Athlon processor or aboveOperating System: Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 or XP

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