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Description of mpegable Broadcaster:

mpegable Broadcaster is the most sophisticated video encoding software available today that delivers to you an easy-to-use, fast and professional solution to convert media data to MPEG-4 files.

mpegable Broadcaster , incorporating and expanding on all features of mpegable X4 Live, enables the transcoding of a variety of media files to MPEG-4 files. Optionally, Hint tracks for ISMA compliant Streaming can be added, as well as live encoding of captured audio and video. mpegable Broadcaster allows highly individualized parameter settings to control video output in terms of quality as well as bandwidth usage.

Team up mpegable Broadcaster with any ISMA compliant streaming server and your content goes out to the massive audience that is using ISO MPEG-4 compliant players (such as Apple?s QuickTime Player, Real Network?s RealOne Player)

Whether you are a professional or a newcomer to the industry, mpegable Broadcaster will satisfy your requirements when it comes to audio/video coding and in addition to the highest possible quality, our fair price will also ensure that you can take advantage of and capitalise upon this unique media standard in your content creations and deliveries right now.

mpegable Broadcaster is delivered with mpegable DS decoder, which enables you to watch your MPEG-4 file in your Windows Media Player.

Check it out and get your free, fully featured 30-day trial version of this professional MPEG-4 video codec or buy it now for an unmatched price of Euro 300.


Full MPEG-4 conformity (ISO/IEC 14496), Simple and Advanced Simple Profile for video, AAC LC for audio; Easy to use with preview window; Pre-processing for cropping, down-sampling and de-interlacing; User defined resolutions from 16x16 up to 2048x2048; Real-time encoding on Pentium III; Scalable from 5 kBit/s to 35 MBit/s; Constant and variable bit-rate mode; Batch processing with configurable job list; Automatic scene cut detection; Statistic Window to monitor parameters and quality; Includes mpegable Player; Includes mpegable DS for watching ISO MPEG-4 files in Windows Media Player

Input format: AVI; MPEG-1; Live capture from analogue sources (VfW/DirectShow compatible capture devices); Live Capture DV (using DirectShow DV driver); any media supported by DirectShow (MPEG-2, ...)

Output format: MP4 file (incl. object descriptor track and scene description track, optionally with hint track for ISMA compliant Streaming (Level 0, Level 1)

System requirements

Processor: Pentium III or Athlon processor or aboveOperating System: Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 or XP

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