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Live-Book is designed for creating interactive e-publications and multimedia applications. Live-Book incorporates a very complex scripting language.




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Description of Live-Book Professional:

Live-Book is a program designed for creating interactive, multimedia, electronic publications. HTML language (along with Cascading Style Sheet, CSS) is the basis on which Live-Book is built. The program uses it's own two-way HTML editor, which makes the process of designing a publication much easier. Live-Book can be also used as an WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor.

Live-Book has it's own, unique, two-way HTML editor. Work area is divided in two parts: at the bottom of the work area you will find a panel with the source code of the HTML document and at the top you will find the preview of the document. What's more important - you may edit your HTML document in both parts. Live-Book offers also a special tools to help you with the documents containing HTML frames.

Live-Book supports all main multimedia formats: graphic (BMP, WMF, EMF, GIF, Animated GIF, JPEG, PNG), video (AVI, MPEG), sound, Flash (SWF) and AutoCAD (DXF). Moreover, DXF and SWF file are supported interactively, which means, that you can alter the view of objects embed in those files (eg. scale or rotate).

The most important feature of Live-Book is, by all means, the possibility to create compact publication in the form of an executable file. Program allows you to create single executable file, that contains all the elements included in the publication. This file can be run on any computer. This publication will run even if there is no HTML browser (or any other browser) in the system! Live-Book can also save the publication in a special LBF format. To read this file you will need the Live-Book Reader, which is of course free (it's included in the Live-Book package, but you may also download it from Rangelsoft web page).

Live-Book enables you to specify how the window, in which your publication is presented, will look like. You may present your publication in full screen or in a freely defined window. This applies to executable as well as LBF publications.

The program has a very useful security mechanisms. All publications created in Live-Book are compressed and encrypted with the very best algorithms. The publication can be secured from unauthorized access (e.g. with a system of single and group passwords). You may also "stick" it to only one computer (so it's impossible to run it on any other computer). Additionally you may disable the possibility of printing the publication or of copying the text to the Clipboard.

Live-Book incorporates a very complex scripting language called Live-Script. You may use it to control all the objects in your publication, to manage your multimedia files, buttons and other elements of your publication. Live-Script enables you also to create fully interactive application that uses such elements as animations, simulations, reports, "intelligent" search engines, tests, and so on.

You will find in Live-Book advanced mechanisms of creating printouts, reports and calculations. Two special modules - print preview and text search - are also here to help you create something spectacular. All these features make Live-Book a perfect tool for fast creation of multimedia presentation, promotional materials, product catalogues, e-books, educational programs, professional electronic publications, and so on.

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