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Description of Image Info Toolkit:

Image Info Toolkit is an easy to use application that handles text information within jpeg and TIFF image files*. It does by using the IPTC-information fields that are embedded in the header portion of your image file. This feature (found as the File>> File info in Adobe Photoshop®) enables you to read and write image information like caption, copyright, date etc. to a jpeg file without the need to compress the file again. Using Image Info Toolkit protects your images from compression, which is unavoidable if you save a jpeg file in jpeg mode a second time. Text information will be saved within the digital image file according to the IPTC/NAA standard and can be readout and processed by various image processing software programs (such as Adobe Photoshop®, Corel Photopaint®, Content Management Systems, image databases etc. Keep in mind that many image editors, (including Adobe Photoshops® SAVE FOR WEB function) will not allow the saving of any image "meta-data" such as that represented by the IPTC. In this situation, the Image Info Toolkit is a great way to automatically get that information back into your files.
Image Info Toolkit offers the choice between two different input masks (data entry windows). One with image information fields grouped by function, and the other input mask showing all image information fields in one single window.

In addition to reading and editing image file information Image Info Toolkit offers the possibility to create and edit your own hierarchical keyword catalog, which you might also hear referred to as a classification list, taxonomy, or thesaurus. You may include as many cross-reference synonyms per keyword and go as deep as you wish, in terms of the number of classification levels. From an existing keyword catalog use the convenient "search" function to type in and find the appropriate keyword or synonym you want to associate with the open image. Then simply select that word and "drag-and-drop" to the keyword window. The selected keyword and all those above it in the data tree will be transferred. Repeat as needed till the image is annotated or described to you liking. You can also add only "selected" parts of the hierarchy if you wish.
You can also use Image Info Toolkit to save the image information as templates and apply it automatically to a batch of images.
Image Info Toolkit has been made for all those, who want to distribute their digital images through various networks and make sure that every image carries it's appropriate information safely within the digital data file.

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