gPage is a vector-based drawing program using objects. Easy to understand and use.




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Description of gPage:

gPage is an easy to use drawing program. Nevertheless it has great possibilities only found in complex programs.Drawings are composed of objects which can be modified without affecting other objects. ; Right-clicking the mouse on an object pops-up a context menu showing all possible modifications for this object, no need to search the menu system trying to figure out how to do what you want. ; The objects are vector-based, eliminating the staircase effect found in pixel-oriented programs when sizing or printing. ; You can place rectangles and text at different angles. ; Text can be sized horizontally and/or vertically therefore changing it's aspect ratio. ; You can add Circles, Lines, Images, Polygons, Beziers, etc. ; You can add current Date and Time in differents formats. ; A grid and a snap mode can be used for alignment purpose. ; Objects can be placed on different layers which can be made visible or not. ; Drawings can be printed or exported to image files in WMF, JPG or PNG format ; And much more !

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