FirmTools Panorama Composer

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Description of FirmTools Panorama Composer:

FirmTools Panorama Composer will help you to construct pans from series of your photos, save them as panoramic photo (jpg image), as the web page (html with ActiveX viewer) and as the postcard (standalone viewer - EXE file) so you can send them to your friends and they can view them without any special programs installed.

Program has intuitive user-friendly interface. It helps you to create great pans with no visible junctions from pictures taken with any kind of camera. The only thing you should know is how to take photos for pan. Learn more at

Program features:
Flash interface; Possibility to compose high-quality pans from photos with small intersections; Creation of full 360 degrees flat pans; Saving result pans in jpg, html and exe formats; Saving pans as projects that can be modified later; Automatic lens type detection.
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