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And now our second hit, the Fantastic content management follows. The large advantage of our programs is, which they are developed during our practical experiences as Web masters and so also with us are constantly controlled and developed further. But we are not only programmers, but also designers. And like that the formative abilities of our programs are simple upsetting. They can use nearly as many features as with a HTML editor. They have mostly variable possibilities, its texts, Logos, photo, diagrams, Scripte, of using codes among other things. In the new self-service realm you can use for everyone of the six possible magazines up to 12 columns. Our experiences say that in the everyday life of the Webmasters completely is sufficient. They can arrange Headline preview, short EMS and extensive article sides variable in each case and occupy with content. They can variable put on to the magazines different sides with older articles. And you will be able to make still many more in the future. Visit our examples, the regional magazine e.g. have 5 different expenditures and we to update sometimes also once per hour. As soon as a message clean-comes, it takes only few minutes and it is on-line. And nevertheless we need converted less time for it. But our visitors thank it us and become nearly daily noticeably more.

FUNDAMENTAL: 1 - 6 different homepage with different URLs * or up to six of different homepage contents managable (* condition is, which all URLs lies on the same server) Setting-up bar with up to 12 different columns for each magazine Are administered: New range Subsequent article Older articles . Messages can: registered - activated - are deactivated (to be thus suspended also at short notice) - edited - to be extended and naturally also deleted . Up to 5 photos can be included by Upload in consequence-oh-arranged. Naturally you have the possibility, as many photos or diagrams as you would like to bring in over the HTML boxes. A part of the photos is just as alignable as the Thumbnail preview freely. . Variable message entry possibilities by repeat functions for completely different magazine layouts. . The message can be occupied as short message with and without foreignleft, with program-produced continuation page or manual continuation page. Target, comments, older articles side insertable. . Extensive and also many possibilities free in the organization of arranging the message continuation pages. The actual message is thus in principle providable without ftp entrance - vacation-able: -) By ftp naturally no borders are set. All sides are put down statically on the server and remain preserved also after the deletion (freely after the unwritten law of the Web masters to never delete a side on the server. Because also over it still visitors can come) Thus within the Admin range, thus hardly Traffic is only produced during the new self-service working - the visitor loads the static sides, which can be also always and seized at any time by search machines Variable column configuration for the News sides priority of the columns Sort functions: Manually, menu guidance and new completely above Double selection of the integration into your homepage: 1. As unmarried index side with Frames above and laterally for menus or banner 2. As Einzelframe mergable into your existing Frames/Indexseite. No own data base necessarily, thus independently of MySQL or others possibly not on the server programs present Freely selectable update possibility and archiving of the side with the older articles. Partly three-way protected Admin range against attacks from the outside. Backup of all most important LOGS and data files on the server They need only a cgi listing, Perl, ftp entrance zumindestens for the installation and sufficient storage location for the News and continuation pages which can be produced. UNIX system desired, executably also on NT Since you have also very individual possibilities for the organization into the HTML boxes, you should have basic experiences in HTML. In principle you get along in addition, nearly without HTML knowledge, better are it however. Under you find very instructive information in addition. P.S. Do not use ms front PAGE, also not the newest generation, since these HTML editor produces also today still indefinable, blind codes, which sometimes destroy parts of the produced data. We recommend NAMO, Dreamweaver or completely simply to note PAD, if you control HTML.

Variable insertable EXTRA ANNOUNCEMENTS: Top Newsbox with up to three messages variable in two places of the homepage Listing of the newest Headlines time-steered variable in two places of the homepage Announcement of the actualization date in two places the PAGE News with or without Thumbnails Indicate to a time-steered AGAIN diagram or text on the News side Zuwaehlbares Textmenueim upper range with up to six menu options Two additional text boxes, which can to be arranged be able to be variable occupied and with texts or diagrams after choice. They can be connected independently in two different places of the homepage individually or both COMMENT FUNCTION: They can assign as desired a comment function to each message. The Web master gets an email after entry of a comment sent. Data security: Only with abuse to you the necessary and attainable data bad-willing users are additionally sent. Badword function MESSAGE A SUPPLYING: Their visitors have the possibility insertable of you of sending own messages immediately over the new side.

EXTENSIVE layout possibilities: Adaptable for a screen resolution after choice Completely independently you can arrange each magazine variable, therein again independently the new side, the continuation page and also the side with the listing of the older articles TOP: In or zweispaltiger sentence within the message output On all sides all table attributes such as size of, background colours table and cell. Background diagrams can be inserted just as as width and color of the edges and naturally also cellspacing and cellpadding. With the News additionally the insertable possibility of table holding for diagrams, in order to be able to represent frameworks. These tables are as desired adjustable like all configurable tables in the size. Different data of the Fonts in type, size, style and color for the News, the Headlines, the continuation pages, columns and the side with the older articles. Data in Style Sheet. Extra data for the appearance of the on the left of, thus e.g. more hover, underline Extra boxes on all sides as follows: New side: down above and five pieces in the right column continuation page: down above and in the right column an older one: Down and you can insert one in the right column in these boxes HTML code as desired, thus tables, texts, diagrams, photo, banner advertisement. Shortnews: Time-steered indication of the newest messages in variable places of the News side Script box: For Scripte of all kinds, which must be put down in the Head range, thus you can use Javascript, Flash etc. also on all sides and insert thus interactive, sound-moderate and film-like Multimedia effects. Meta box: For the input of the Meta tags within the Head range of the sides Body tags: All adjustment possibilities, additionally script able entries possible Diagram/text change-over: They can select e.g. the column headings, lines, new diagram, new box, alternatively WITHOUT extra activation as text or as diagram. Advertising banner: At present four firm, activatable are available advertising places within the new side for your banner codes (shortly an integrable spell wheel module inclusive appears. Admin etc..) Badwordliste, which can be provided by the Web master for the comment function

On these homepage you can examples of the results examine, further more extensive layout examples follow! www.husum (5 magazines) www.openair www.partout www.schwarze ... and a view of the assistance side with many screen Shots

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