DataSafe Xtra for Authorware and Director

Powerful file and string encryption for Macromedia Authorware and Director.




$99 (USD)


Windows All Versions

DataSafe Xtra for Authorware and Director Download

Description of DataSafe Xtra for Authorware and Director:

A Scripting Xtra for Authorware and Director supporting eight major encryption types, eight hash types. Includes functions to En/Decrypt strings, files, and a file wiping utility to wipe any decrypted files your application uses. File encryption performance is blazing fast. An 18 megabyte video file was encrypted using Cast256 in under four seconds. Windows API coded for maximum speed and small file size.
Comes with a stand-alone encryption application that allows you to pre-En/Decrypt files and strings, generate hash digests, and generate keys for you. Generate a key in the proper length for your cipher, and it the application wll automatically generate a non-string version of the key to copy into Authorware or Director.
DataSafe Xtra is suitable for DoD, DoE, and companies that deal with highly sensitive data. Your text is NOT protected in an Authorware or Director application. Prying eyes, with little to no effort, can extract sensitive passwords and data from your applications.

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