BrowserBob 2.0 (english)

Tired of using mass-produced Web browsers? Create your own. BrowserBob is afully visual browser construction kit: design your branded or personal br



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Description of BrowserBob 2.0 (english):

BrowserBob 2.0

Now you can design and build a browser to suit your own desires, with this Web browser development kit.

You can make your browser any shape you choose, use your own images for the buttons and the interface(s), position them anywhere you like, add sounds to the buttons and much more... No programming knowledge needed at all, all functionalities are Drag & Drop or chosen from menus. Your browser can be ready for distribution within 10 minutes. Create branded theme browsers or custom browsers for video streams, special interest, portals, CD navigation, presentations - just any webbased content you can think of - but with more functionality than in a standard browser. Create easy to use interfaces for webprograms with just the functionality you need: select standard browser functionalities (like back forward, reload etc.) link to URL's or offline content via buttons. Start other applications via buttons, change the whole browserinterface on the fly.

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