Easy-to-use tool for complex 3D models optimization by polygon reduction. Dramatic improvement in 3D rendering performance.




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Description of VizUp:

Many of the models that you create with the help of 3D modeling tools, as well as some models converted from CAD software can be very complex. These models may consist of hundreds of thousands, even millions of polygons and are practically useless for processing in real-time visualization systems.

Our software tool VizUp is an easy-to-use system for reducing and optimizing 3D models. With the help of VizUp, you can reach the optimal balance between the necessary details level and the size of 3D models. You can also use this software to reduce the number of polygons for your 3D models used in virtual reality and real-time visualization systems. Decreasing the size of 3D models stored on the Web lets your users and customers download them much faster. Besides, this product can also be effectively used for Level-of-Details (LOD) generation.

Our developers devoted many years to creation and improvement of polygonal reduction and 3D geometry optimization algorithms. And today we can proudly state that we possess the best technology in this area. We made the process of model optimization very easy - the program automatically picks all necessary parameters. One of the main advantages is that model reduction needs to be done only once - and then you can get any level of details instantly.

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