TTransitionFX (Without source code)

TTransitionFX Delphi component performs bitmap transitions.




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Description of TTransitionFX (Without source code):

TTransitionFX 4.1 is a component that can display transition effects on bitmaps. The component can be loaded in Delphi as well as C++Builder. Version 4.1 supports thefollowing effects Push Blinds Checkerboard Crush MonoReveal Reveal Iris Strips MonoSlider Slider Zoom Fade Mosaic Blend Glide RGB RGBBlend Spiral CheckerBlinds Replace Shade ShadeContinue Squeeze RandomBars TwinRandomBars Swarm StripedIris Roll A modifier can be applied to each of these to configure each effect further. TTransitionFX can use threads as well as timers for its timing needs.TTransitionFX 4.1 supports Bitmap (*.bmp) files as well as JPEG files.

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