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Professional graphic-video viewer, thumbnails, scan, convert graphics.




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Description of Makaha mini:

Makaha mini v1.2 professional graphic viewer.Designed to view the most popular graphic formats, create thumbnails,has a 100 option slide show with videos, createsGIF animations of any size (great for web sites),converts to over 40 formats, view videos, graphics, and listento music all at once.Features Include:* Change Windows screen resolution on the FLY!* Create and view GIF animations. Great for web pages!* Associate Files* Online Help!* Twain Scanning - Digital Cameras - Frame Grabbers* Create thumbnails for all your graphics* NEW Visual Editor!* Convert from/to most graphic formats* Resize graphics * Color Conversion * Image Processing* Effects * Filters* 28 Wipes * Magnify* Clipboard * Zoom * Drag Zoom * Flip* Multi-Graphic Underlays* File Compression up to 200 times smaller then original size* Drag & Drop * Clipping * Background Colors* QuickShots & Thumbnails* Wallpaper * Movies-Adjustable size screen* Animations-Adjust speed, frame by frame play* Stereo Sound playing. 1 or all* Top, Desktop, Window, Captures* The Play Bin (saved play selection)* Over 45 formats supported!* Progressive JPEG - You set amount of passes* Supports GIF & TIF format with comments* Icons (just click on Icon to convert to a BMP)* Whole NEW File Selector (much smarter!)* AutoSave feature (just click and save) NOW supports 6 formats* Supports graphic Batch Conversion* Tool tips* Load graphics into paint programs* Add WAVE, MIDI, AVI, MPEG, or MOV movies & sound to your Slide Show* Instantly converts any format to Wallpaper* Search complete drive for graphics, and run from one list* Instantly see your Slide Show, Play Bin files!* Internet connection! Go right to your favorite Internet Site* Hot Keys!* UUencoding/UUdecoding* Read ZIP files (read text, help, and view graphics without* unzipping file). Extract file or all files* Read Text, Doc, Ini, Help files..* Printer Setup* Memory Watcher* Select [AutoSave] & [Work] directories* Move graphic command, delete to trash bin, properties, +* Slide Show now has over 100 options* Single step control of Slide Show* File tabs from the 16-bit version have been added to this 32-bit version.* Two floating tool bars have been added. * When creating GIF animations for web pages, you can have them all resized before being created.* 2 types of thumbnails can be created. Embedded and stand alone.* New features added to Quick-Shots.* AutoSave - will NOW save the files name and directory.* Resize can now keep the original file name.* Now has built-in Clipboard and a DOSLine!* NOW create as many Slide Shows and Screen Saver lists as you want! (Embed graphics, videos, thumbnails, music into your slide shows)* Quick Shots - Now has the option of moving any of the Quick Shot files, or creating a new folder with selected Quick Shots. Now you can see exactly what's using your memory.* The "Grab List" has been enhanced.* Paste is now active on start up if clipboard graphic exists.* Information button added for GIF animations.* Textures

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