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Description of ImageZoom 2 Standard for Macintosh:

ImageZoom is an innovative software tool for adding interactivity to images for the Internet. A perfect ready-to-use tool for fast and easy creation of zoomable images and interactive texts on the web. Within minutes you can create images where the visitor can zoom in on interesting details, highlighting the areas you want your customers to see.

Designed for users who need to make high-resolution images and details available for website visitors, ImageZoom gets the job done at a fraction of the time and complexity it would take with other multimedia software. ImageZoom Standard is easy to use yet powerful. Use the program to enhance your images, for instance in areas such as sales support, e-learning, interactive marketing and technical communication.
Low bandwidth ¨C no plug-ins
ImageZoom runs images at a very low bandwidth so that people can download information over low-speed connections such as dial-up modems. ImageZoom projects are created in Macromedia Flash format or as a Java applet. This enables ImageZoom to work with all major browsers and operating systems.
In short, ImageZoom cuts down development time and gives you a faster way to profit and sales.

ImageZoom highlights:

Easily interactive
ImageZoom allows you to link text and other media to details in images enabling you to change and add prices, model descriptions, titles, etc quickly and easily.

; Zoom into hotspots
Using the unique hotspot technology in ImageZoom you can decide exactly which areas of your image you want to highlight. The feature acts as an invisible salesman, guiding your visitors to the most important details of your product or service.

; Easy to publish
You can change a static image to a zoomable image on your website simply by cutting and pasting.
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