An animateable tree-generator plugin for Cinema 4d R8.




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Description of DPInstantTree:

DPInstantTree (abbrv. DPIT) is a parametric treegenerator objectplugin for MAXON Cinema 4D Release 8 or higher.
DPIT allows Cinema 4D users to create natural and realistic looking trees fast and easy directly in Cinema 4D. DPIT is able to create thousands of different types of trees that you can directly use and animate in Cinema 4D.
DPIT is developed with the Cinema 4D Release 8 SDK and therefore supports all advantages that Release 8 offers:
- Complete support of the new Attributes Manager that gives you the possibility to animate all parameters of DPIT directly in the AM and that let¡äs you change any parameters and get real time feedback in the viewport for DPIT
- Complete Xpresso support that you can directly use to change paramters of DPIT with the full power of the new node based system of Cinema 4D
But DPIT can do more. A tree most of the time has leaves and DPIT can let you create trees and even create leaves for your trees! You can create your own leaf objects and drag them into DPIT. DPIT will then use these leaf objects to create thousands of other leaves for your created tree to make it look even more realistic!
You want DPIT trees to be in an animated scene, but it looks stiff? No problem, you can animate your DPIT trees and leaves with different kinds of noise patterns!
DPIT will give you for the first time the chance to create your own trees for Cinema 4D directly in the main application. Convert it directly in Cinema 4D and finetune it to make it 100% realistic! No export, no import, no need to spend time in a different application just to create a tree for your scene. Use DPIT!

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