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Design and animate complex 3D-scenes and terrains.




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Description of CyberMotion 3D-Designer - Upgrade:

Wherever we look, we encounter virtual worlds. Whether in Hollywood or daily advertisements, the world that is presented to the viewer will be a mainly artificial creation. At last, you too can create these surreal worlds at home, practice inside or outside architecture, design promotional products, logos and films, animate a flight above an eroded landscape right into a colorful sunset, create virtual worlds (VRML) for your web presence or design DirectX-objects for games. CyberMotion 3D-Designer supplies you with numerous options for creating, representing and animating three-dimensional scenes. All the modules required to generate, manipulate, animate and represent 3D scenes are integrated into one program. CyberMotion features a multi-window graphical user interface, integrated 3D modeling tools, a landscape designer, animated atmospheres, hierarchical animation, Inverse Kinematics, a highly optimized raytrace renderer, and a host of special effects, such as object deformation, lens flares, object halo, motion blur, real particle systems with shadows, reflections and transparencies, animated starfields, volumetric lighting and much more. CyberMotion also includes a rich illustrated, context-sensitive online manual with lots of tutorials and examples.New in version 8.0: landscape designer, improved atmospheric backgrounds, additional procedural texture patterns, multi-layered terrain textures, big preview windows in the main dialogs, visual libraries for materials, landscapes and atmospheres and much more.

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