A Universal Tool for WDM Video Capture, DV Capture, DV Device Control, DV Scene Detection, Batch Capture, Timelapse Capture, DV File to DV Device Tran




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New!! Version 1.5 - Now with automated DV scene detection. Cap2DV is designed to be a universal tool to capture, preview, play back, trim and transfer DV-video material from your DV camcorder. But it also enables you to capture from any other video source on your computer, suited with WDM drivers, to any format these devices support.Key features of Cap2DV are: Automated DV scene detection and capture of scenes into individual files, DV batch capture, timelapse and stop motion capture from DV tape or live capture source, transfer of DV files to DV tape or to the analog outputs of a DV camcorder, manual or timer controlled still image grabbing from capture source or video file, fullscreen preview and playback and the ability to trim video files.Cap2DV is split into two sections, each with a preview window. On the left side you preview your capture source and control your DV camcorder. On the right side you playback your captured files or transfer DV files to a DV device. This makes it easy to compare the captured file with the scenes on your DV tape, for example. And it enables you to position your DV tape on the left, and then, on the right, start transfer of your DV file to tape, without switching between different windows.

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