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Description of AVD Graphic Studio:

A powerful editor for graphics, animation and video. Edit, view and print your images with painting and drawing tools and effects. Import AVIs and animated GIFs for editing; save and load format parameters; export separate AVI and GIF frames; regulate contrast; rotate through any angle and preview all effects in a single dialog. Contains eight preset filters and supports TWAIN scanners. You can create an .avi file from a series of images using any one of your system's installed .avi codecs. Features: ¡¤ Save/load specific file format parameters and save/load preview dialogs ¡¤ Create an animation from your choice of parameters ¡¤ Slide Show ¡¤ Import/export AVIs ¡¤ Import/export animated GIFs ¡¤ Export separate frames from AVIs and animated GIFs ¡¤ Acquire images from TWAIN scanners ¡¤ Regulate contrast, HSL, HSV/HSB and RGB ¡¤ Preview all effects in a single dialog, with 8 preset filters Save and load custom filters ¡¤ Rotate through any angle ¡¤ Create horizontal and vertical mirror images ¡¤ Resize images ¡¤ Draw with a multitude of tools ¡¤ Apply bump mapping, and Lens and Wave effects ¡¤ Copy, trim, and paste into a rectangle all or part of an image ¡¤ Undo last operation ¡¤ Apply histogram equalization (auto and manual) ¡¤ Size and move regions

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